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Key learnings

Space Quest is intended to create a shared experience between team members, recreate links, and improve team dynamics that were broken
by the pandemic

The story

Space Quest –  virtual team building

While preparing themselves to go back to earth after launching new satellites, a group of astronauts got stuck in the international space station. Who will get them out of it?

How the game works

The team should go through a sequence of entryways that are locked with a puzzle. For each entryway, one team member can see the spaceship, and the others have data to assist them with opening the entryway. Jobs switch consequently as they complete one puzzle and move to the following. 

The more the team sees the advancement of their scores on the screen the more the competition becomes interesting.

Logistics And Hardware Requirements

Computer per player
Internet Connexion​

What teams can expect…

One team member is the captain for each door; he can observe the room and search for clues. The others are co-pilots who have the information needed to break the encryption and open the door. Roles alternate automatically as they finish each room!

The Captain, the player in the room, approaches the lock and then reports what he sees.

Members of the team should pay close attention, discover the appropriate instructions, and assist the captain in entering the code and unlocking the lock.

In level 2, the locking tactics are more complicated. Teams are going to apply information from level one.

Team Building Outcomes


Collaborative Problem solving

Team cohesion


Scalable And Low Cost To Run

Space quest can be played by multiple teams, anywhere in the world.
The technology does the hard work for you, so facilitators can be rapidly trained and ready to run this event quickly.
Language can be easily changed, allowing multiple teams, speaking different languages, to play at the same time.
Adaptive technology means Spacequest can be run for small groups, or 1000s of teams at the same time.

The purpose of the game

  • To emphasize the value of collaboration, strategy, and communication.
  • To practice and develop teamwork in a group setting.
  • To demonstrate the irritation that may easily arise when there is a lack of communication.
  • To show solutions from a broader viewpoint.
  • To serve as a source of entertainment.

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